First of all: Do not take anything you read on this webpage serious. Seriously. This is all complete nonsense. Utter bullshit. Crap. Poo-Poo. Seriously.

Who in their right mind would believe that the universe is a place where everything is connected and everything has a purpose? We all know that first there was nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. Then this exquisite ‘nothing’ decided to explode and create all this by pure luck. It’s just an accident. Seriously.

So why is it there? This webpage. Not the universe. Well there are a lot of people out there (in the universe) who believe otherwise. That there is a sense behind it. A purpose. Seriously.

For example there are people who believe that there is a group of people who have stick together (for thousands of years) in secret who run this planet as they please. No I am not making this up. They really do believe that. An ‘Elite’ which they refer to as ‘The Powers that Be’ (TPTB) or ‘Bloodlines’ who know how the universe works and who use this wisdom to enslave all other people and have a jolly good time doing this. Seriously.

And this is where ‘A Scripted Reality’ kicks in. Here we take that idea to the limit and will unveil a reality based only about MSM media and no ‘bullshit’ conspiracy stuff to show how easily one can fall for the thought that the world is not based upon chance, luck, coincidence … but complete connected desgin.